In keeping with a commitment to accountability, Hearth Connection collects and analyzes data for all of its projects on an ongoing basis.

Outcome measures:

  • Access to housing
  • Quick housing placements
  • Achieving housing stability
  • Improved personal safety
  • Improved mental health
  • Advancing individual functioning and skills
  • Increasing personal income
  • Reconnecting to family
  • Connecting to routine health care
  • Helping participants face past legal barriers
  • Housing situation upon exit

provider dashboard sampleexample of Co-Pilot report


The development and continuing improvement of our customized database, Co-Pilot, have allowed service providers, funders, and community partners to see participants' progress on a variety of levels.

Self-Sufficiency Matrix

A measurement tool called the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix allows service providers to document progress in participants’ functioning. These assessments contain domains such as education, mental health, and safety that are evaluated on a five point scale, making it easier to score functioning at a more objective level and see progress over time.Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix

Special Projects

  • Productivity measures: Hearth Connection is currently exploring new ways to measure improvements in participants' productivity and employment. We aim to have a new tracking system in place by 2014.
  • Length of homelessness project: In 2011, Hearth Connection initiated a project to find out the estimated total length of time participants were homeless before joining our program. Results are below for heads of households in 2013:
    7.2 years = total average length of homelessness 8 = total average episodes of homelessness 30% = percent who experienced homelessness as a child
  • Criminal records research: Past research has shown that supportive housing can impact a person's involvement with emergency systems. Hearth Connection aims to demonstrate the impact of our supportive housing model on the criminal justice system.

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