Annual Reports


Annual Reports

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Hearth Connection secures and distributes $9 million each year to our network of community-based partners. Offering services with housing is critical to helping people escape the cycle of long-term homelessness.

However, securing funding to maintain a network of social service agencies and supportive housing projects is complex. Services and rental assistance for each project are patched together from a variety of sources, ie federal, state, and health care organizations. Public grants for supportive services (health and human services) and affordable housing (rental subsidies) involve multiple funding streams, each with their own reporting requirements. Hearth Connection’s role is reducing the complexity of funding so service partners can focus on their work with participants.

Hearth Connection manages funding for the regional and other projects, from making the case to funders to distribution and reporting.

  • Gathering: Through advocacy and results, we work to increase the amount of resources available to break the cycle of long-term homelessness. From 2005-2011, Hearth Connection helped secure $35 million for the state's Long-Term Homeless Service Fund (LTHSSF) for services in five regional projects.
  • Packaging: We take complex funding streams and combine them into easy payments to service providers to support participants in stable housing.
  • Distribution: As administrator for three regional projects, Hearth Connection manages approximately $9 million in pass-through funds for housing and services each year.
  • Reporting: Hearth Connection manages data collection and reporting requirements, sharing outcomes with project funders and stakeholders.

Independent audits are conducted each year for Hearth Connection’s projects; our 2013 audit is available here. In addition to ensuring compliance with each funder, Hearth Connection promotes accountability for the projects. Please see our Annual Reports on the right or IRS Form 990 below for a review of our budget information.

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