Hearth Connection offers administrative support for regional and health system projects and incubates new innovations that can be replicated in other parts of the state. Our role as an intermediary is to link resources together, implement new initiatives, offer technical assistance, assure accountability for the use of public grants, and analyze our data for positive outcomes to program participants.

service trainingService training with presenter Helen Troy-Duncan, PsyD., LP

As the administrator for the regional projects, Hearth Connection serves as the central point of accountability.  On a day-to-day basis, we support the regional projects and manage a broad network of supportive housing across MN. From checking-in with service teams to reporting to funders, much of our work is hands-on to support the regional projects.

Administration of Regional Projects to End Long-Term Homelessness 

  • Contracting: partnering with community agencies to provide intensive case management
  • Training and Staff Development: providing an introduction to the service model and offering regular trainings on best practices for working with homeless populations
  • Supporting: meeting with service teams to discuss issues and answer questions
  • Quality Assurance: working with services teams to ensure data quality, auditing providers, ensuring compliance with extensive technical regulations and reporting requirements
  • Program Development: Constantly improving and updating our programs and service model to improve outcomes
  • Technical Assistance: providing technical support to service teams who collect and enter data
  • Funding: ensuring smooth integration of funding for rental assistance, support services, and health care

Evaluating New Innovations & Scalable Solutions