Our Work

our work: simply, transform, connect, results

Homelessness is a complicated social crisis. Hearth Connection works to absorb the complexity to find workable solutions.

Hearth Connection serves as an intermediary between funders and a spectrum of community-based organizations offering supportive housing.  Annually we secure over $10 million in federal, state, local, and health care system funding and disperse the funds to a network of 28 nonprofit organizations and three Tribal Bands in Minnesota to expand the supply of supportive housing.  We use a sophisticated data base (called Co-Pilot) that allows us to analyze and research the outcomes of our programs to ensure accountability and effectiveness. 

Because we offer data-based results, we know that increased investment in supportive housing can end long-term homelessness in Minnesota.

As a financial and administrative agency, we provide the crucial elements needed to end long-term homelessness:

  • Collaboration: We need all the pieces of the puzzle to end homelessness. Hearth Connection successfully brings together partners from diverse areas, including local service providers; Tribes; federal, state, and local governments; health plans; hospitals; and most importantly, people experiencing homelessness.
  • Innovation: We need to stay ahead of the curve in a changing world. Hearth Connection continously develops new and effective strategies to end homelessness, whether it’s improving participant services, finding new funding streams, or looking for new ways to measure and share the impact of our program.
  • FundingWe need financial investment to end homelessness. Hearth Connection secures and manages numerous, complex funding streams so our service providers can focus on getting people off the street and into a new life.
  • Service Model: We need to improve our participants’ lives as much possible. Hearth Connection created and continues to share and evolve a proven approach to serving people with the most barriers.
  • Implementation: We need to move our plan into action. After we build the foundation, Hearth Connection leads the way through numerous stages of implementation and administration, including contracting, training, technical assistance, data collection and rental assistance for participants.
  • Co-Pilot: We need to prove that our model works. Hearth Connection creates tools for collecting data--including Co-Pilot, a customized database--and presents outcomes in a way that shows the impact, encourages innovation and improves services for our participants. 
  • Policy: We need to offer a roadmap to policy makers on how we can end long-term homelessness together.  Hearth Connection advocates for positive change in our state's response to homelessness, which includes addressing misconceptions about the issue, increasing funding for supportive services and affordable housing, and supporting the state's Business Plan to End Long-Term Homelessness.