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Hearth Connection is a data driven and research grounded nonprofit organization. Our efforts to end homelessness must be informed by evidence of how service models and interventions work to the benefit of our participants. Beginning with the pilot research project in 2001, Hearth Connection has supported key research on the outcomes of supportive housing.

In addition to ongoing evaluation of participants' progress through Co-Pilot, Hearth Connection uses independent research to study outcomes.  Several independent reports on our programs have been released over the years:

read supportive housing pilot report

Supportive Housing and Managed Care Pilot

The final evaluation of Hearth Connection's pilot project looks extensively at the results of supportive housing over a five year period. Conducted by the National Center on Family Homelessness and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the pilot evaluation provides in-depth results from participant outcomes to cost patterns.

Final Report  -  Executive Summary  -  Summary handout  -   Webinar

Read the Child Study

Child Study

A study on school-age children in Hearth Connection's programs revealed the positive impact of supportive housing on children's well-being and education. Conducted by the University of Minnesota's Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, the three-year study takes an in-depth look at educational outcomes and child protection involvement.  

Child Welfare BriefEducation Brief -  Full Report

Hospital to Home - 1 Year

A report on the Hospital to Home program with Hearth Connection, Regions Hospital, and Guild Incorporated showed promising results in its first year. Conducted by Wilder Research, the evaluation takes a preliminary look at the program's impact on seven participants' ER use, pharmacy claims, and other health outcomes.

1 Year Outcome Summary  -  1 Year Full Report

Read Hospital to Home report

Hospital to Home - 2 Year

A follow-up report by Wilder Research provides results on the second year of the Hospital to Home intiative with Regions Hospital and Guild Incorporated. Healthcare usage, participant stability, and other measures are shown for seven participants.

2 Year Outcome Summary - 2 Year Full Report

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