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Hearth Connection is a leading organization in Minnesota’s efforts to use data and evaluation to improve services for people experiencing homelessness.

Ending homelessness begins with a commitment to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness.  This requires dedication to data analysis and holding organizations accountable in their use of public funding. Outcomes of our programs are evaluated internally with customized software and by independent research.  We continuously track results to ensure performance, improve our service model, and show that we are reaching those most in need.

Key Outcomes

After living without housing an average of 7.1 years, people who enter Hearth Connection's program are assisted in gaining housing, critical services, and skills to move toward greater self-determination.

  • Access to Housing:  Over 1,330 people were offered supportive housing in 2013.
  • Quick Housing Placements:  71% of our participants are permanently housed within two months of enrollment.
  • Improved Quality of Life and Empowerment:  On average, participants see improvements in various areas of functioning, including their safety, access to health care, and income. 

Please visit Hearth Connection's Evaluation page for more on what we measure.


Independent research on Hearth Connection's programs offer key insights into supportive housing--including cost studies, health care utilization, and effects on children.  Find these studies and more on our Research page:

  • Final evaluation of Minnesota’s Supportive Housing and Managed Care Pilot
  • Study on educational outcomes of school-age children in supportive housing
  • Reports on Hospital to Home projects, including hospital and Emergency Room use