Building on the success of Hearth's previous regional projects, the Central Project officially began in 2016. Hearth Connection joined stakeholders, including New Pathways, Lutheran Social Services, Tri-CAP and Lakes and Pines CAC, together in partnership and secured funding to provide the Central Region with supportive services and housing services. Currently, each county in the collaborative has access to services, and program participants are identified through the Coordinated Entry System.



Coordinated Entry Navigation Services (CENS)

Referrals for housing programs are required to go through the local Coordinated Entry System. Enrolling in a CENS program allows for households experiencing high barriers to have access to support services while waiting for an opening in a local housing program. In addition to support services, CENS gathers third-party eligibility documentation, allowing the Coordinated Entry System to identify the best available option for program participants. Once a housing program is identified, CENS coordinates a warm handoff.


Coming Home St. Cloud

Coming Home St. Cloud is our partnership between CentraCare, Central Minnesota Mental Health Center and Hearth Connection, to house frequent users of St. Cloud Hospital. The program targets individuals who are experiencing severe mental illness and qualify for support services through Medicaid. Hearth Connection provides funds for housing and maintaining services while case managers provide support services and set up eligibility for Medicaid funds.